A Reflection On Being in PRowl My First Semester of College

Nothing could have prepared me for my first semester of college. My life was turned completely upside down; living with a roommate, eating at the dining hall, and being away from my friends took time to adjust to.

Arriving on campus for the first time was exciting, but at the same time I felt lost among all the commotion and I thought I would never find where I would fit in at such a large school. Before my first semester started, I was chatting with an upperclassman friend who I knew from my hometown. Knowing that I intended to major in public relations, she mentioned the PRowl might be something I would be interested in and encouraged me to apply. Once I applied and was later offered an Account Associate position, I was overjoyed at the good news and ready to take advantage of this opportunity as part of my fresh start to my college and professional career.

Walking into my first PRowl meeting, I was terrified and not entirely sure what to expect. Everyone I met was cheerful and genuinely welcoming, which was a refreshing feeling after enduring a week’s worth of bland Welcome Week activities and random guest speakers. It was crazy to me that I was in a room with so many driven young people who were running a PR firm- I couldn’t wait to get started. As the weeks passed by, I learned so many new things and many applicable skills about the public relations industry that I wasn’t getting in class. Being an Account Associate at PRowl has encouraged me to be a more outgoing person, and has helped me find my place during a time of upheaval.

Now my first semester is winding down, and although it has been a complete whirlwind, I would not trade my experiences for the world. Comparing myself from the first week of the semester to the present, I have gained confidence and learned to be more adaptable and open to new situations in social and professional aspects. PRowl has played a major role in my personal growth, has allowed my creativity to shine and gain real-life experience in the field I hope to have a career in.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 11.38.58 PM

-Olivia Sariano

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