My Love Letter to PR

Unlike many who contribute to this blog, I do not dream to be a public relations practitioner. But, that doesn’t mean I do not value or care about PR any less.

My freshman year of college, I was looking into taking up a minor. I knew I wanted to learn more about being a better writer, as my dream job of being a news producer requires being an expert writer. One of my friends, Jordan, also at the time recently declared a PR major. My interest was sparked. I read a little more and felt instantly connected. It was like the most beautiful marriage of my biggest passion of broadcast journalism, one that I’ve had since I was nine years old, mixed with a newly discovered devotion toward public relations.

Later into the semester, my friends Jordan and Will got accepted into PRowl, something I didn’t know existed, but was immediately intrigued. I dug a little deeper and quickly realized there was no other organization on campus that could give me the opportunity or experience PRowl could when it came to learning about what it means to be a meaningful communicator.

And with PRowl, came PRSSA. With PRSSA, I found so many others just like me, wanting to make a change in the world. I never knew about all the possibilities within the media and communication field beyond news reporting. 

With the world of journalism, there is a need for public relations, and in the world of public relations, there is a need for journalism. I feel like becoming an expert in both helps me see through both lenses, creating a liaison role for myself in knowing how to pitch to the media, and how the media wants to be pitched. 

At the end of the day, communication is a skill every human being needs to know, and we have a responsibility to the world to be smart and strategic with our skillset, and to make sure truths are told adequately and effectively. And without my blend of PR with journalism, I don’t think I would be the kind of communicator I am today.

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