The Importance of Valuing Internal Publics from the Perspective of a Supermarket

Fruits and vegetables lining the shelves, snacks building up in baskets along the aisles, and smiling faces sitting behind the counters of a checkout line. Who would think these three elements would push a grocery store chain to the third highest-rated company within the United States for diversity? Publix Grocery, a supermarket chain located within the southeastern region of the United States, is privately owned and operated by its more than 190,000 employees. According to their website, Publix identifies diversity in “backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and ethnicities” ( is an essential part of their company and the main goal of the corporations.

Publix’s willingness to highlight its employees has gone a long way. Publix values its employees as the backbone of their company every single day. Modern business culture is shaped around consumer relations and exceptional customer service. This type of culture can be tiring to employees, but Publix has exceeded expectations for workers by promoting an inclusive, and flexible work environment for all. Publix continues to grow its staff around individuals who identify as LGBTQ+, racial minorities, women, baby boomers and older, and people with disabilities. Not to mention, Publix has an average hourly wage of $11.62, ranking the third-best grocery store chains to work with ( More companies need to focus their business models around valuing employee’s different backgrounds, perspectives, and personal financial needs. Publix’s good employee care has resulted in more than 20,000 employees being employed by Publix for over 15 years.

Publix may be seen as a local grocer that seems insignificant to diversity, but when their internal communications are analyzed closely, it becomes apparent of just how influential inclusion can be for the workforce. In the field of public relations, valuing different opinions and viewing other perspectives is crucial in order to promote a mutually beneficial workspace. It is important that employees feel valued and appreciated within their space. Public relations is heavily based on building relationships, upholding diversity only promotes a more welcoming and comprehensive space for employees to feel comfortable in. Publix says it best in their diversity statement, “variety makes everything better.”

-Anne Cleary

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