Top 5 Reasons to Get Excited for the Fall Season: Philly Edition

Fall 2019 has officially begun, the wind is brisker, the leaves are falling, and it’s STILL 80 degrees in September? While the weather outside is still figuring out what season it is, it’s clear in Philly that it’s fall. Fall is my favorite season because the sun warms you while you walk to class but, the cool breeze makes it socially acceptable to wear a sweatshirt. But the best part of Fall in the city is the festive activities. Here are five of my favorite things to do in Philadelphia during the Fall season:


5. OutFest 2019 (Main Stage at 13th & Locust St) 

       The largest Coming Out Day Celebration in America takes place every year right in Philadelphia. Sunday, October 13, will spotlight Philadelphia’s LGBT history and LGBT community. There is live entertainment with drag queen shows, high heel races, and dance competitions. This day-long celebration is packed with endless activities from shopping, games, dancing, and music! The Gayborhood will be overflowing with support for people coming out and for allies alike!

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 11.31.02 AM

4. Night Market Philadelphia (Point Breeze Ave & Federal St)

      Each year the Food Trust picks four dates to have pop-up food trucks to celebrate unique dishes. Thursday, October 3rd will mark its final stop for the year in the Point Breeze neighborhood. If you’ve ever experienced this event you know that there is a vibrant energy that hums around the food trucks, live music, and people who attend the event. This is a great way to spend the first Thursday in October and listen to live music from local Philly artists. 

3. Jack’s Pumpkin Glow in Fairmount Park (5201 Parkside Ave)

      The Jack-O-Lanterns are back in Fairmount Park October 3rd – November 5th. This festival features beautifully carved pumpkins and glowing trail through Fairmount Park. There are large structures sculpted from pumpkin and live demonstrations from the pumpkin carvers themselves. This festival is a perfect and inexpensive way to get into the Fall mood and amazing Instagram photos!

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 11.31.09 AM

2. Old City Festival (N 3rd & Arch St) 

      What better way to get into the Philly Fall spirit than visit historic Philly? On Sunday, October 13, local restaurants, artists, and entertainers will be in the streets of the Historic District. The street will be filled with tents and side-walk sales for everyone to enjoy. It is a fun way to remember Philly’s rich history as well as celebrate the present.


1. Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls (2027 Fairmount Ave)

      My absolute favorite way of getting into the Fall ~spooky~ season is to visit Philadelphia’s world-renown haunted prison on Fairmount Ave. As a former employee and avid visitor, I am deeply impressed by the event’s creativity of the nightly attractions. At the gates, the zombified line of the staff is there to greet you and guide you to the entrance. After visitors go through the main attraction filled with scares, and you can go on a VIP tour of the prison, buy merchandise, and visit a haunted speakeasy. Recently opening on September 20, this attraction is open only seven weeks. I recommend a visit here with friends to get some good scares for the Halloween season!

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