State of Social: These Pennsylvania companies are doing Twitter right

The ruffed grouse, the mountain laurel, the eastern hemlock. All symbols of the great state of Pennsylvania.

But, behold! I now present the true measure of this state’s strength. And it may come in an unexpected form.

Follow along and let’s take a look across the commonwealth at several companies’ Twitter accounts that are doing things right, and engaging with their audiences in unique ways.

Pennsylvania Treasury (@PATreasury)

“We handle all of the money.” Their bio says it best. The Harrisburg-located treasury department reimagined what government social media is supposed to look like.  


Instead of intimidating language and random posting schedules, the treasury account is active pretty much every day.  


And to be honest, they’re not holding back how they feel. In response to a Business Insider article about Whole Foods cutting back on medical benefits, the treasury declared they are not, in fact, a Jeff Bezos “stan account.”

Oh, and just in case you wanted to know were wondering:

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 1.47.03 PM

It’s not all fun and games, the account also fielded stories from followers about how they’re affected by the crushing impact of student debt, proving they take the state’s trophy for government social.



OK, so setting the typical travel delay updates aside, SEPTA’s customer service Twitter account actually works to go above and beyond.

The account is monitored everyday between set hours, so they’ll actually respond to users experiencing issues on Twitter and try to find them a solution, even the grouchier ones.

I mean, who else will provide you with a train GIF to get you through the middle of the week.

And the company will reach out to travelers they haven’t interacted with online in a while to see if they’re still active.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 1.50.18 PM

Wawa (@Wawa)

Now a divisive entry to this Pennsylvania list, the best convenience store in the state (sorry, Sheetz), none other than Wawa. 

Pretty much relying heavily on photos and GIFs of food and wholeheartedly succeeding at it, Wawa’s Twitter is on fire.

The account also features product polls. The example below might be a joke, but the company also runs serious ones that give them an insight into where their customers’ heads are at.

I leave you with this mathematical Wawa formula. Please enjoy, and happy Pennsylvania Twittering.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 1.55.56 PM

-Will Bleier


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