Fall Semester Survival Guide

Raise your hand if you’re balancing school, extracurricular activities and at least one part-time job. I know I’m not the only one. On top of school-work, I’m an account executive at PRowl Public Relations, a marketing intern with Temple Athletics, and a Technical Specialist at Apple.


Here are some tips and tricks I have found to be helpful when I’m trying to balance all of my responsibilities.

  1. DON’T PUT WORK OFF. If there’s one thing to remember from this listicle, it’s going to be this tip! By not procrastinating work until the last minute, you take away your ability to fall behind. I understand sometimes it feels like you may have more things to do than hours in the day, but if you find a spare minute during the day, try and finish an assignment or at least, start it.
  2. BUY A PLANNER. I used to be the worst at remembering when I had assignments, exams, papers, or even a shift at work (oops!). I knew things needed to change. Last Christmas, I asked for a planner (don’t judge me). My mom gifted me a personalized Erin Condren planner, and it became an extension of myself. I would write everything from grocery shopping to exams. Having a planner helps keep you accountable for my responsibilities. Also, planners can help express creativity!


  1. USE STICKIES. If you have a Mac computer like me, then you also have a built-in app called Stickies. Maybe you don’t want to lug around a big planner or aspire to be more eco-friendly, the Stickies app is a great way to do that. If you’re worried about them taking up space on your desktop, have no fear, you can minimize the notes when you’re not using them.
  2. UTILIZE YOUR PHONE. Whether you use the built-in calendar app on your phone or have downloaded Google Calendar, write everything down. From when you have class, or when you have lunch plans with a friend you’ve been trying to see since the beginning of the semester. The calendar app on your phone also lets you set alerts and reminders, in case you end up procrastinating, that alert will remind you, you have something coming up.
  3. PUT YOURSELF FIRST. I can go on with tips about how not to procrastinate and use technology to make life easier but, the most important tip to remember your mental health. If you have a lot on your plate, ask for some help from a friend or a counselor, so someone knows what’s going on in your life. As much as getting work done on time is important, your mental health and personal well-being are things that take priority 100% of the time. Make time in your day to day life to do a facemask, watch your favorite TV show or journal.


Having two part-time jobs as well as being an Account Executive for IDEAL, are all things I am extremely grateful for. I have learned valuable skills in every single position I hold, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give myself time to rest.

I hope these tips help! Happy fall semester!

-Gabby Arias

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