Three Tips for Starting Your Personal Brand

By: Kathleen Venango

For us seniors, we have reached the final days. It’s mid-April, we are being inundated with final assignments, projects, papers, and exams. We are trying to balance our work in school, finishing our internships, and stressing over the job search. As aspiring public relations professionals, it almost feels like twice as much work because we have to worry about establishing our brand to gain employment. Don’t worry, it can be done and it can be fun to do! Here a few tips to figure out how to create your personal brand that I learned about with Cheldin Barlett Rumer, host of This is It TV, and queen of personal branding.

Make sure your personal brand makes sense

As you try to figure out your personal brand, try to figure out the answers to some of these questions:

Who are you?

What do you want?

What are your goals? – immediate goals and long term

Thinking about the answers to these questions can help you identify your personal brand by establishing what you want ultimately when graduating and how you should go about getting it.

Create your personal brand by making a website

Once you figure out the answers to these questions, you can start actually creating your brand with visuals. If you are like me, you may have a lot of different pieces to your portfolio from classes that show your best work, but how does that come across when applying for jobs? Create a website online for free and that way it can be an extra tool for you to use when applying to jobs. It can be a work in progress, but it is an extra edge to have a link of portfolio work to give to employers. Trying websites like or other free website platforms can be really easy and gives you examples of how to get started. It can be a more personalized space that really expresses who you are more than LinkedIn can. Including your resume, writing pieces, graphic design work, and other projects you have worked on could all be a part of the content.

Consistency in branding is key

Making sure all elements of your brand are consistent is really important. For example, possibly making a simple logo for your brand, fonts, font sizes, and color schemes all matter too. As public relations majors, and soon to be graduates, we want to pitch ourselves with our personal brands because for many of us that’s what we aspire to do in our careers. Additionally, you want to make sure all your links to social are consistent with your brand. You wouldn’t link your personal Instagram account that may show some not so flattering pictures of your early college days with who you are now. Cleaning house of your socials and making sure everything that links to you makes sense and is consistent.

Following these tips to help you get started on your personal brand can help you on the job hunt as well as sharpening your skills as a public relations major and professional. It’s a learning process, but finding the right brand for yourself can really set you apart.


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