Microinfluencers: Effective or Expensive?

By Max Simons

Micro influencers effective or expensive?.jpg

I would be lying if I said I did not think about buying the Away suitcase at least three times in 2019. I had to talk myself out of buying a $225 suitcase, yet I keep seeing it on Instagram, and it makes me want it more.

So, why was I so close to buying it? Micro-influencers.

Sure a $225 suitcase might not be on the college-student budget, yet when every micro-influencer I follow on Instagram has one, I think I need one too. Now, what if these influencers aren’t random people, but people you know, have a class with and hang-out with, would you be more likely to buy it.

This is very purposeful and is a new take on the world of influencer marketing. Yes, Bachelor contestants will always be creating #SponsoredContent, but the fact that these new micro influencers are putting people in our communities in the spotlight.

But, is buying items promoted by people we know more effective, or a waste of time.

Micro-influencers offer something big ex-bachelor fans can’t: authenticity. If you know this person, and they are willing to promote a product on their social media, they hopefully actually like it, opposed to sponsored hunting influencers, who will post whatever pays the most. They can’t offer a million person reach, as most of them only have a few thousand followers, but the small reach offers a sense of truth to their audience, something a big influencer can’t do.

Micro-influencer programs are also expensive, and require many influencers to be tapped, and sent products to post. But authenticity is expensive, and if companies want more people to buy into their product, maybe micro-influencers might be the way to go.

So next time you are about to buy something right off Instagram, look who is promoting it. They might even get you to buy a $225 suitcase.


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