Breathe, your spring semester is almost over.

By Courtney Givnish


As I am going into my third hour studying at the TECH Center, I cannot help but become distracted by the thought of warm weather and the idea of no school. I begin to fantasize myself sitting on a beach with no worry in the world, soaking in the sun and having my feet buried into the sand. I quickly snap out of this fantasy and realize that I have an empty word doc opened up in front of me with a 3-page paper due at midnight. Soon enough I become miserable again and wallow over the amount of work I still have to do before I can begin my weekend.

We are halfway through our spring semester and spring break is right around the corner. It’s hard to become excited about these things when you have so much work to do in between. It is quick to become stressed and overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities that you have, but the thing I think people tend to forget at times is to BREATHE.


You are at the point of the week where you think that 5PM on Friday will never come. The work you have to do, the exams you have to study for, the deadlines you have to meet do not seem realistic whatsoever. But hey, it will get done and I guarantee you that you will make it happen.

The endless nights at the Tech, the 4-hour nights of sleep, consistent coffee breath all become worth it in the end… at least that’s what I am told.


But in all seriousness, when things get to become too much for yourself, take a moment and breathe. It will all be okay. You are halfway through your Spring semester and summer is not too far away. Yes, of course, it may seem as if it will take forever to get here, but we are getting closer and closer to it every day. We got this, YOU got this.


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