The Jonas Brother Reunion and Rebranding

By Jordan Harris

Yes, that’s right. The Jonas Brothers are back. After hearing rumors for so long on social media, the brothers confirmed that they were coming back and they dropped a new single called “Sucker” to celebrate their comeback. This is a Gen Zers’s dream come true. The Jonas Brothers were in their prime during our childhood and now that both the fans and themselves have grown up, they believed this was the best time to return to the music scene. There are a few public relations strategies that will make their comeback successful.


  • They released a new song to gain attention from old fans


For people that have been fans of the Jonas Brothers for quite some time, they can only reminisce with their old iconic songs like “Year 3000” or “Burnin’ Up. People love having that nostalgic feeling of being back in a happier time and since there is so much going on in the world, this was the perfect time for The Jonas Brothers to come back and give people comfort. With this new song, they will bring in their old fans that are excited to hear their new sound and people that could become fans by hearing their new mature sound.


  • They’re having a Jonas Brothers Week on The Late Late Show with James Corden


With this comeback, the group has to get some good press in order for fans old and new to know that they’re back. The best way to get good exposure would be going on tv and one of the hottest shows right now is The Late Late Show with James Corden. The show is famous for “Carpool Karaoke”, entertaining games, and genuine interactions with James Corden that celebrity guests and fans of the show love and come back for more. Since all of three of The Jonas Brothers are considered high profile, they got to book a “Carpool Karaoke” and a whole week takeover of The Late Late Show. This was a smart move on their part because they could attract a lot of new fans from Corden’s audience and “Carpool Karaoke” tends to generate millions of views on YouTube which gives them exposure on two different platforms.


  • They reactivated their original Instagram account and revamped it


Since the band had split back in 2013, The Jonas Brothers Instagram account was deactivated. Fans have had to follow their individual lives and their independent projects in the media. But when they decided to reconnect as a band, they sneakily reactivated their old Instagram account that already had over a million followers a month before they decided to officially announce they were back together. It got people talking and speculating and nothing was confirmed until February 28th on the account that they were going to release a new song and video on March 1st. The number of fans that re-posted their story that day was insane and everyone around the world was talking about this iconic comeback.

Joe Jonas is in another group called DNCE that has gained attention over the years and is engaged to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Nick is a newly married man to the TV/movie star Priyanka Chopra. Kevin is happily married to his wife Danielle and they have kids together. With their new mature sound and all three boys back in the same band, new and old fans together can look forward to more Jonas Brothers music. 


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