Higher, Further, Faster: Captain Marvel’s Marvelous Marketing

By Caitlin Gemmi

As the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to feature a female lead, Captain Marvel is a highly anticipated film with fantastic reviews rolling in a week before its official opening. For many, myself included, Captain Marvel is incredibly important as we finally get to see a strong, capable woman take on the titular superhero role and save the day. Featuring a stellar cast, a heartfelt plot and intriguing characters, the movie truly has it all. But, perhaps the most unique aspect of the film is their genius and on-point marketing efforts.


Captain Marvel takes place in the 1990s, a time we are all currently feeling nostalgia for, and the film’s marketing team knocked it out of the park with their ‘90s style website. It features everything you would want from an old school website: animated text, bright colors, comic sans, busy backgrounds, flashing gifs, a guest book, and even a mini-game. The website perfectly harkens back to the good old days of the internet and is a creative way to get fans excited for the film. The website is a total eyesore, but that’s what makes it fun! Full of appealing content for visitors to enjoy, fans can download gifs of their favorite characters, learn about the plot, watch all of the trailers and “guess the Skrull” in a fun interactive mini-game. Information regarding fan-favorite character Nick Fury is marked as “Top Secret”, which makes visitors want to continuously come back for more to find out if anything is revealed.

cm website.png

The ‘90s website is both a perfect tie-in to the movie’s plot and a great way to use the current revival of so many trends from the era. Trends recycle over time and our current culture loves bringing back ‘90s crazes, from Doc Martens to fanny packs. The website’s reminiscence to the beloved era is the perfect way to capitalize on this nostalgia. Using this nostalgia as a part of the film’s brand also evokes an emotional response in viewers. Bringing back visuals and websites similar to those of many childhoods’ creates an instant bond between the viewer and the product.

The website also seems to be fanmade instead of brand originated, and with a fanbase as big as Marvel’s this is another great way to make the fans feel connected to the story and movie overall. Marvel knows how to cause hype among their fans for anything they produce, and this website allows them to feel like a part of the story.

The website instantly received praise from fans and online publications alike, calling it a “genius marketing move”. With Captain Marvel already receiving rave reviews, it is clear the film will keep growing “higher, further, faster” in the box office and in viewers’ hearts.


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