Good things come to those who wait

By Alaina DeLeone

Any public relations major understands the emphasis on internships. However, with this emphasis comes unnecessary stress. The constant push to find an internship can often deter some individuals from actually applying. In an era where we are constantly wondering what our peers are pursuing in their career, it is easy to get lost and feel the need to compare ourselves to others.


The idea of continuously placing pressure on college students to seek the best internship in all existence is simply unrealistic. It begins with empowering individuals to take those small leaps of becoming immersed with their passions. We share a responsibility to encourage one another to search for new opportunities, whether that is obtaining an executive board position of an organization or even a small on-campus part-time job. All these different experiences are valid, not one superior to the other.

Regardless of whether some opportunities fall through, it is important to remember the effort you made to showcase your skills and interests in the first place. By taking these small steps of becoming involved will escalate to that internship or dream job. We often forget that each individual’s path to getting where they wish to be in life is unique and different. Exciting opportunities and new learning experiences do not occur instantaneously. They must be periodically earned with a mindset that focuses on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our generation needs to take a step back and remind themselves of their own personal worth, which will develop into confidence for exploring new internship and job opportunities. Stray away from religiously stalking people on LinkedIn and remember that all these career-related opportunities will happen in good time.

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