Five Easy Tricks & Treats to Keep Your Social Media Professional

Social media is one of the best means of communication with friends and family, but checking it is also one of the first steps that an employer will take when looking to hire you. In order to avoid losing that internship to the dreaded Sunday Scaries, follow these five tricks and treats to keep your social media pages thriving.

  1. Friday nights – One of the biggest ways to pass time in college is by heading out to a party with friends. Make sure a future boss from your dream internship company does not end up seeing your photos with alcohol or other non-conventional items. This is easy to avoid by simply making sure to avoid posting photos with anything that does not scream “good job candidate.”
  2. Private ≠ Privacy – No, this does not stop employers from seeing your posts, but it will make the process more difficult. Keeping your social media private also allows you to regulate who is following you and can be commenting on your posts. Just because your account is private, does not mean people can gain access to your posts. With that being said, you should never post anything you would not want your boss to see.
  3. Watch what you say – College towns are easy to get sucked into. Don’t let any profanity find its way onto your social media. Only post something you would want your grandma to hang on her fridge.
  4. Think before you post – The best habit you can form is showing your posts to a peer before posting. Make sure to dot your “I”s and cross your “T”s and then have them double-check it. What you post will remain on the internet until the end of time and you do not want to be the person that typed out “covfefe” and posted it without checking. If you always check your posts, you will never end up accidentally posting the wrong thing.
  5. Establish your brand – It may be sunflowers and scrunchies or bike rides and fall leaves, but everyone has their unique brand. Find your brand and create a presence on your social media. If you are a someone that loves the beach, you should post pictures of that perfect beach sunset for your followers to enjoy. Find this brand and use it to your advantage.


If you stick to these five easy tricks and treats, you will be able to ensure that your social media is an asset rather than a liability.

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