Five Ways to Grow an Organic Following for Instagram

Everyone has had their fair share of bots requesting to follow their Instagram, but getting the attention of real people and engaging them is harder than it seems. If you want to attract real human followers, you are in luck because there a bunch of ways you can create an organic Instagram following without being a celebrity or public icon. It is important to stay up with the competition and consistently be sharp on what’s popular. Stay engaged and active on Instagram and the real followers and big bills will follow.



Followers are your Friends


The social media world is full of companies and public icons posting perfectly edited photos and original content. The basis of any company’s organic following is the content posted, using other marketing advice may help increase followers, but followers won’t stay unless your feed is fabulous.

There is no doubt that Instagram is more competitive than ever.  It is important to play around with free apps such as VSCO, FaceTune, or Gliche and go beyond filters and mess around with tools like exposure, contrast, grain, etc.  All of these applications can instantly create better photos that come off aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Figuring out what images your audience enjoys will enhance your number of followers instantly.

Do not over edit and stay away from the Instagram apps harsh, unprofessional filters. Instagram filters are typically noticeable to viewers. Followers want to see things they have never seen before, it is what keeps them liking and waiting for your next post. If you are stuck trying to figure out what is good content to post, base it off of  popular pages that relate to your brand. A first glance at your page can ultimately determine if someone follows or not.


It is like that at one point or another you have sunk into the deep depths of your favorite celebrity or best friend’s page trying to dig up information or understand more about them. Personal profiles are mostly a reflection of who people are or what they want to be seen as. When you are first starting out on social media, it is key to look at your followers pages to find out what kind of content they like to follow.  No matter what you are doing in business wise, looking through a potential customer’s feed is essential for market research. Simply giving a five-second look through someone’s feed can help improve what your producing.

To Post or not to Post?   

When in doubt… POST. Staying relevant is important to keeping the followers and growing them, but don’t over post. Do not act like your mom when she first discovered Facebook and posted every 10 minutes about what new Zumba workout she tried or the TLC show she just watched. Over-posting is a sure way to get people to unfollow you.

Post your best photo to your page once a day at a time when your followers are most active. Post as a reasonable amount on the Instagram story because this will have your business on followers minds 24/7. If you skip posting for multiple days, people will start to find your company irrelevant and may unfollow your account.

Communication is Key

Say goodbye to the old days of calling a customer service number, people are using DMs to ask questions, engage, and show interest in business. Make sure to respond and frequently check your messages, it is the quickest way to interact with you company community. The best companies are always responding to people and making sure they are certain of choosing the product or service. Respond to comments, ask what can make followers what will make your page better, and build a bond between a customer and business.

Find a Niche

At first, it is a good idea to try different things to see what gets the most likes and what type of content your followers like. Whatever it is, stick with it and replicate images similar to that. Find what you are good at creating content for and run with it. More people will visit your page and eventually, you could become a go-to Instagram page for that service or item.

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