Be Passionate About Finding Your Passion

Passion is a word we have heard throughout our entire lives and have hoped one day to understand the meaning. Whether you are a freshman or second semester senior, you will stumble upon it when you’re least expecting it. For me, I found my passion at the most unexpected time — November 2016 during the presidential election.

If you do not know what your passion is, I encourage you to constantly try new things and step out of your comfort zone. This is something you must dedicate time and hard work to find. It took many uncomfortable conversations and a few internships to lead me down the right path.

Whether you are passionate about sports, education or food — don’t let anyone try to tell you what you love is wrong. Many people have told me I am crazy for wanting to get involved with the government and politics because of how messy it can be. However, I disregard others’ opinion because it is what makes me happy and I aspire to make a difference in our country.

Once you find your passion, work will no longer feel like work. Staying an extra hour or two at work, coming in early or working on an extremely long assignment will not feel daunting. Apply for that internship, join an organization where you do not know anyone and find your passion. Your life will be much more enjoyable when you can turn your passion into a profession.

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