Tips to Beat the Back-to-School Blues

The semester is in full swing and the summer season will be coming to a close this week. The weeks are no longer sylly and breakout rooms in the TECH Center are already booked through finals. Even though we are entering week four of classes, you might still be struggling to get back into an effective routine to help you beat those back-to-school blues. Here are a few tips that will be sure to put an end to them.

Buy a planner

At the beginning of a semester your workload can escalate overnight. Buying a planner can help you remember when all of your assignments are due so you can plan proper time management. It also provides a central location for all of your notes on upcoming work so you do not have to scramble to find details of any assignments.


Eat breakfast & drink coffee

Prepare yourself for this cliché: there is no better way to start your day than eating breakfast in the morning! That extra 10 minutes of sleep is certainly the better decision short term, but when your stomach is growling in class and you are starting to lose attention, you will regret not eating something beforehand. If you are running on far too little sleep, coffee is crucial before a long day of classes. Waking up a few minutes early to make a quick coffee and breakfast is vital before classes.

Practice time management 

Working on your time management skills is imperative for short and long term success.

The first few weeks of the semester comes with a long list of assignments, exams and group projects that will take place over the next 16 weeks. Ignoring the assignments until the last minute will do nothing but stress you out and hurt your GPA.

It’s helpful in the first few weeks to not only write down when all of your upcoming assignments are due (in your brand new planner), but to write out important due dates for the entire semester. Once you have all of the large assignments highlighted in your planner, it is important to create a list of assignments you will need to complete in that week, so you can prioritize each assignment and plan out how long each will take and when you will sit down to get it done.


Get involved

Getting back into a routine for the semester can be seem even more difficult when you do not have much going on. It is important to become involved with clubs and organizations that will help you in your professional career. You can look at hundreds of student organizations with a presence on Temple’s campus here:

Making friends and finding a cause or organization you are passionate about will help to make your semester enjoyable.


Following these tips and tricks will help you beat those back to school blues. Before you know it, you will be settled into a routine with all of your classes and you will have made plenty of new friends to help you through it. Go forth and conquer, Owls!

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