A Valuable Experience: An Alumni Spotlight on Kaitlyn Sutton

It was only after joining PRowl Public Relations that Kaitlyn Sutton, Assistant Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management for the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University, believed she had the world in her hands.

“I remember distinctly I was in The TECH Center writing a paper and I saw an email: PRowl Public Relations, a student-run public relations firm, was hiring for the fall. I immediately emailed the firm director at the time, Nicki Ianni, for a time slot,” said Sutton. This was the beginning of a remarkable story for the inexperienced freshman and a young organization of 20 members.

Sutton gained valuable public relations writing and leadership skills from PRowl. Her knowledge came from her work as an Account Associate on multiple accounts including the Jean Madeline Salon account, Strategic Marketing and Communications (SM+C) account and Temple University’s Television Station (TUTV) account. Along with her leadership role as an Account Executive and becoming Firm Director in her senior year; she was able to receive real experience in public relations, which prepared her for future classes and ultimately her career path.

PRowl helped create a comfortable setting for Sutton in her classes and it pushed her to create connections. She remembers getting her first internship as a sophomore, with Jubelirer Strategies through a connection she made with a firm member in PRowl. Jubelirer Strategies was owned by Jeff Jubelirer who is now the Vice President of Bellevue Communications. Sutton cannot emphasize enough how much PRowl can do for its members because of how it changes perspectives and allows members to make lasting connections. “It’s uncanny to think how just one person can lead you down a path that will set your whole career on fire, and PRowl was a huge piece of that for me,” mentioned Sutton.

Her advice to current students is to get immersed in everything and anything. Before learning more about the public relations field, she was unaware that public relations jobs existed in higher education. “I find so much value in what PRowl does for students and I don’t think anyone understands it at the time,” expressed Sutton.

Sutton credits PRowl and its members for her career choice and does not fail to recognize the opportunities the organization provided her. She is proud to be a PRowl alumna. “At every internship interview I went on in Philadelphia everyone recognized the name PRowl. It was an amazing experience.”

Today, she works for Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts overseeing the marketing initiatives for the college. Daily, Sutton coordinates all social media efforts to attract prospective liberal arts students, works with the Alumni Relations department to establish a brand for the alumni of the school and works with Temple University Admissions monitoring data reports.

This Alumni Spotlight was written by Account Associate Jasmin Senior.

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