Geoff Collins Is Building More Than Just a Team, He’s Building a Brand

Photo by Joseph V. Labolito

On December 13, 2016 Coach Geoff Collins took over a team that just finished two straight 10-win seasons and an American Conference Championship. Expectations were through the roof and attention on the Temple University football program was at an all-time high. Collins knew he had to not only win games, but capitalize on the success and grow the brand of the Temple University Owls.

Geoff Collins, known as the “Minister of Mayhem,” brought the swag and toughness with high energy, loud music playing and high intensity practices; but that’s not all. The program hired a S.W.A.G Coordinator responsible for producing engaging content for fans and media as well as building the brand.  During some of the spring practices, positioned around St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, coaching staff members dressed up in the spirit as leprechauns and bunnies. It caught the national media’s attention with Sports Illustrated tweeting about it.  Again, it all comes down to building the brand.

The social media team created hashtags to engage recruits and fans while bringing attention to the team’s hard work. As all in the communications world and even beyond know, social media exposure is one of the best ways to grow a brand and elevate awareness. During the team’s recent Cherry & White spring game, the players’ jerseys had their Twitter handles on them. How’s that for exposure?

Geoff Collins is doing a fantastic job of building the Temple Tuff brand. All of us on Broad Street and beyond should be excited for this upcoming football season; I know I am. Go Owls!

This blog post was written by Account Executive Andrew DeVito.

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