From Public Relations to Marketing Communications: An Alumni Spotlight on Alyssa Guckin

From PRowl Firm Director to a Marketing Communications Associate at Chubb, a major insurance company, Alyssa Guckin just keeps moving up. Guckin is a PRowl alumna, whose experiences in the firm directly influenced her success in the professional world.

Guckin joined PRowl during the spring of her freshman year, and quickly moved up within the firm. She began her time in PRowl as an Account Associate for the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, and then as an Account Executive for The Department of Strategic Communication the following year. Guckin’s skills continued to grow, and her hard work allowed her to keep progressing. In 2015, she became an Assistant Firm Director. Guckin’s next challenge was managing six clients as PRowl’s Firm Director, before graduating in the spring of 2016.

“Being Firm Director is one of my biggest honors!” said Guckin. “I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to lead a group of passionate, dedicated students.”

As Firm Director, Guckin learned a lot about herself, as well as valuable leadership skills. She enjoyed that it was a collaborative role, and believes it gave her a major advantage when it comes to client relations in her career today.

All of my experiences meeting with potential and current clients prepared me for how to assess and digest what a client is looking to accomplish through PR and develop campaign initiatives from there,” Guckin explained. “Because of PRowl, I had a wide range of writing samples and portfolios pieces during my job search. PRowl provided me with the opportunity to practice all different forms of writing and learn many skills that help in my current job today, like assisting in event planning, ghostwriting, graphic design, and content management.”

Guckin’s experience at PRowl helped her transition into a full-time marketing job after graduation. Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company, operating in 54 countries and providing a wide range of services all over the world.

Every day in marketing at Chubb is different. Guckin and the rest of the marketing communications team work on a wide range of initiatives for the many different segments of Chubb’s operations. Her role consists of informing an audience of brokers, agents, insureds and potential insureds of Chubb’s beneficial products and services through digital, print and event marketing communications.

Guckin loves working at Chubb and having the opportunity to travel, meet and work with people in Philadelphia and all over the world. Chubb also has a large philanthropic presence, and gives back to the communities of their 200+ offices across the globe. As an additional benefit, Guckin enjoys participating in Chubb’s “Achieve Now program, which allows her to work with second graders to improve their reading skills once a week.

Although she did not know she would end up in a corporate environment, Guckin was pleasantly surprised. She is thankful for the opportunities and experiences she had at PRowl and advises current students to take full advantage of them and the city of Philadelphia as well.

This Alumni Spotlight was written by Junior Account Executive Olivia Rotondo.

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