Interviews: They’re Worth the Work

Interviews are without a doubt the most challenging part of the job or internship search. Dressing business professional, answering potential employers’ questions, and selling yourself and your experiences can be stressful for everyone.

Given these reasons, one may feel discouraged from interviewing for a position or company that they are not all too interested in. While it is important to go for jobs that you absolutely want, it’s also important to practice your interview skills and get more experience talking one on one to possible employers. Here are some reasons why you should always go to the interview, and how helpful they can be to your career.

Practice makes perfect

The best way to make yourself comfortable with going to interviews, is to get more experience interviewing. Every opportunity, whether over the phone or in-person, helps you learn something new and overcome the stress and anxieties of the interview process. After you go on a few interviews, you will become more comfortable in the situation and it will help your performance in the future.

Networking opportunities

Even if you may not be interested in the position you are interviewing for, going to the interview can help you connect with industry professionals. Connecting with your interviewer and forming a lasting relationship can open up endless opportunities for your future career.

Asking questions

The opportunity to ask questions at the interview can provide clarity about the position or company. Job descriptions and research do not always tell you everything you need to know. Having an in-person interaction with someone who works for a company may change any preconceived notions you have.

Interview opportunities can be beneficial to not only getting the right job, but also to your professional development. Taking advantage of an interview can help grow your interpersonal communication skills. So, go for it! Go to the interview!

This blog post was written by Account Associate Brianna Greco.

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