From AA to AE: What PRowl PR Has Taught Me so Far

When I transferred to Temple my sophomore year I decided to add a major in strategic communications in addition to my dance major. At first I didn’t really understand what PR was or how I could incorporate it into my life as a dancer. It wasn’t until my junior year when a PRowl representative came to speak to my class that something really changed. I scheduled my PRowl interview, brought writing samples from my news writing class and was so excited to get the email that I was hired for the fall semester as an Account Associate (AA).

After just a few weeks working for the firm I applied and was promoted to Junior Account Executive (JAE). In a crazy turn of events shortly after that I was promoted to an Account Executive (AE) and had to lead a team of AAs with my fellow AE.

So what has my year in PRowl taught me? A whole lot, to say the least. The list could go on and on, but here are some highlights:

1. Expect the unexpected and EMBRACE it

Starting this school year I had just finished a summer internship but still was a bit unconfident in my PR skills. I expected to learn a lot as an AA but never would have guessed I would be an AE. By embracing this drastic change, I was able to enhance my PR skills and grow as a young professional.

2. The importance of networking

PRowl and PRSSA have given me an amazing network of peers and industry professionals to connect with. I made a LinkedIn this year and plan to go to networking events more frequently in the future.

3. Time management

Keeping a planner has been key to staying organized and on top of deadlines. Balancing dance rehearsals with account meetings and written work has prepared me for a hectic schedule post-graduation.

4. Professionalism

During my time in PRowl I have learned how to communicate with clients, how to lead a team of Account Associates and how the editing process works. These skills have prepared me for a career in public relations. 

5. If you’re unsure, just ASK!

Everyone I’ve worked with in PRowl is friendly and willing to answer questions, edit your work, or take a look at your resume or cover letter. I’ve learned that its okay to ask questions and use your network as a resource. PRowlers stick together!

PRowl has taught me that I have a passion for PR and that I can incorporate it with my love of dance in my future career. I am so grateful for the knowledge and experience I have gained through PRowl and am excited to apply what I’ve learned in the real world. Thank you to all of my fellow PRowlers!

This blog post  was written by Account Executive Marie McVeigh.

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