Four Easy Ways to Step Up Your “Adult” Game

Yes, you’re in college and you certainly don’t have to have adulting mastered yet, but it doesn’t hurt to get a head start. College is a great time to take a hard look at your life and evaluate what you need to work on to feel more balanced. These little tips can help you start that journey by setting up healthy habits that will prepare you for the future.

1. Update your social media profiles

This is especially relevant to any PR and Communication majors because all of your employers will be taking a hard look at your social media profiles and you should be proud of what they see. You certainly don’t have to spend all day combing through posts from 2009 but look at your recent posts and use your better judgement (toss whatever you wouldn’t want grandma looking at). Also, take the time to create a fun bio that speaks to you; chances are the bio you made freshman year of high school isn’t as relevant to you anymore. Last but not least, update those profile pictures. While you may look super cute in that selfie, question yourself: do you look super professional? A profile picture should represent the best version of you. With that in mind, be creative in the way you present yourself. (P.S. If you don’t have an email signature, get one.)

2. Get a headshot taken

As a rising professional it’s important to have a really nice headshot, whether it be for your LinkedIn or another online portfolio. Sometimes it is worth it to invest in a professional to take your headshot, but it’s not always necessary. Take advantages of your connections, chances are you can easily find some very gifted student photographers at your school. These students are usually looking for pieces to add to their portfolios anyway so you may be able to snag a cheap or even free headshot if you ask around.

3. Build up your professional wardrobe

You may not be at your nine-to-five yet, but you will be soon and it’s likely that when you graduate you won’t have loads of cash to spend on a super expensive work wardrobe. That’s why you should start now. I’m not saying go out and spend hundreds on a new suit right off the bat, but if you’re out shopping and you see a discount pair of loafers, buy them. Start building up your collection of nice professional clothing by buying an item here or there throughout the year. Get a blazer one month, and a cute pair of suit pants the next. You’ll probably get use out of these items soon anyway at interviews, internships and networking events.

4. Set reminders (and check them)

Some people use planners, some use giant calendars, others use their phones. However you do it doesn’t matter, just get it done. Setting reminders is so important when you have a lot to juggle and if you’re a student you definitely have a lot on your plate. Get in the habit of writing down a task the second you find out about it and then get in the habit of checking your reminders first thing in the morning. If you’re very forgetful like I am, using your phone is extra helpful because you can set alarms to go along with the reminders. Most phones have a app for reminders but if you prefer a planner just make sure you are checking it throughout the day to ensure you aren’t missing anything.

Once you start incorporating these tips in your life you’ll see how easy it is to make good choices for yourself. Remember to evaluate yourself regularly and come up with some other healthy habits that will help you in the future, like getting more sleep or drinking more water. Those kinds of things also make a big difference.

This blog post was written by Account Associate Valentina Wrisley.

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