Which Came First: the Brand or the Baby?

The hot topic for the past month has been Kylie Jenner and her baby announcement. For months we were left in the dark wondering whether or not she was actually pregnant. On Super Bowl Sunday, Kylie Jenner announced that her daughter was born on February 1, that previous Thursday. Kylie continued to not post photos of her daughter’s face for the weeks to come, giving us all the impression that she wanted to keep her baby out of the media’s attention… almost respectable.

However, on February 6, Kylie posted a photo on Instagram of half her daughter’s face and finally announced the baby’s name: Stormi Weather, I mean Webster (sorry typo).

Honestly, the picture is adorable. We’re still given the impression that Kylie wants to keep her daughter, Stormi, out of the media’s attention by hiding her face. The name announcement was unique, but definitely not the most exotic baby name Hollywood has ever heard.

Then, about two weeks later, Kylie launched her new make-up collection.

The Weather Collection. Coincidence? Definitely not. Following this post, Kylie also posted pictures of her new eyeshadow palettes: Eye of the Storm & Calm Before the Storm. Most of the products have lightning bolts on the packaging.

It appears to me that Kylie literally just branded her baby with her new make-up collection. The media definitely won’t be staying out of her baby’s business now.

From a marketing standpoint, I’m sure this was an extremely successful tactic for Kylie. From an ethical standpoint, has Kylie taken her brand too far?

This blog post was written by Assistant Firm Director Marlie Derstine.

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