Midterms Week for a PR Major as Told by GIFs

Many people think that communications students have an easier and less intense course load compared to those in other majors. While some may have an easier experience studying PR and communications, that is not the case for everyone. As midterms week approaches, we are spending our time preparing for our exams, while also focusing on other work that has to get done for jobs and internships. Below are five GIFs that describe some of the instances we run into as PR majors during such a stressful week.

1. When your professor assigns you a press release that’s due in two days even though you’ve never written one before.

2. When you have to write and are tested in AP style, but never even knew something called AP style existed.

3. When your professor hands out the midterm and you only have an hour and twenty minutes to write on demand, find 20 grammar mistakes using AP style, respond to short answer questions about the 10 chapters you didn’t read, and answer questions related to the eight big stories in the current news cycle.

4. When your professor doesn’t use PowerPoint and just talks at you for an hour and 20 minutes every class.

5. When all your friends are going on vacation for spring break but you have to stay home and write a paper that is due two days after spring break ends.

This blog post was written by Account Associate Victoria Marks.

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