Benefits of Working in an Open Environment

We see it all the time, people sitting at their desk jobs trying to get all of their work done in a boring office where everyone is secluded doing their own thing. But, more and more companies have started adopting an open work space environment because of the benefits employees and, in turn, the company receive from it. Companies like Facebook, Google and even Saxbys right here in Philadelphia take advantage of this set up for several reasons. Think back to your freshman year of college. When you left your door open for people passing in the hallway to pop in and introduce themselves, you opened yourself up to endless opportunities. Think of an open work space in the same way. Having an open office promotes endless benefits that help you and the company you work for.

It gives you a sense of community

Working among everyone within the company allows you to make friends with coworkers outside of your department. You’ll get to know everyone in the office on a much more personal level than just saying “hi” in the elevator. In some offices, you could even be sitting next to people who you don’t directly work with, thus allowing you to have a great sense of community every time you come into work.

You can collaborate on your projects

Because of this type of structure, most offices have separate open spaces for teams to work on projects together. This allows you to spread out and really collaborate in a productive work space. With that, others are encouraged to come through and expand on ideas by offering an outside perspective. This collaboration aspect helps the company prosper and creates a great emotional environment for its employees!

It promotes better productivity

When you put together a group of people who get along well with each other and the opportunity to collaborate, you’re going to see some great results. This type of environment encourages people to be excited about their work and the projects they have going on. It allows employees to look at challenges in a positive way and tackle them accordingly with all the resources they have in the office.

The work culture that this structure represents is one that benefits everyone internally, externally and as a whole. Imagine having the type of job where you wake up every day, excited to go into the office because you know the people and environment are the perfect makings for a productive and enjoyable work day.

This blog post was written by Assistant Firm Director Emily McKain.


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