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Picture This: You’re walking out of your apartment, strolling down the street towards the subway station. Passing many shops and restaurants, you decide to stop and grab a quick coffee. After you finish your coffee, you continue on your way to the subway. As you wait for the subway, you think about all you have to do that day. This morning is your lazy morning, which means you can spend the day wandering through the city and taking in the sites. It’s not long until you step onto the subway and settle into a seat for your ride. A few minutes in, you get up to transfer to the other line and continue your journey. After about three more stops, you get off and head above ground. Walking out of the subway, you’re hit with a view you never expected to see. What is it you ask? Well, it’s the Colosseum! You thought I was talking about a typical day of traveling in Philadelphia right? Nope, I’m talking about the eternal city of Rome, Italy.

My first trip to see the Colosseum was an out of this world experience. I never expected to step out of a subway station and immediately see the Colosseum in plain view. It was an amazing site that I will remember for the rest of my life. All around Rome you can see sites as captivating as the Colosseum. Rome is a mix of ancient and modern, blended together in some of the strangest ways.

To start the fall semester of my junior year, I studied abroad in Rome. I first traveled to Europe in high school and it was then that I told myself I needed to find a way to come back. I also determined then that I would love to study abroad while in college. When it finally came down to it, making the decision to study abroad was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. Lining up everything from financial responsibility to leaving friends and family behind for four months, it wasn’t an easy choice. In the end, I was able to make everything work, in part to all the amazing scholarships that are offered to Temple students who want to study abroad.

Studying abroad was one of the best choices of my college career. I encourage anyone who is even a little bit interested to seriously look into it. There are so many different perks that come with studying abroad. My absolute favorite perk was the ability to travel so much while in Europe. It’s so easy to hop on a plane or train and be transported to an entirely new place in a matter of hours. In fact, I took trains, buses, planes and boats to get all around Europe. I was even able to return to my favorite city in the world, Paris. Paris will never get old for me, I fall more in love with it every time I see it!

Now, not all of my time was spent traveling to wonderful places. I was still obligated to attend classes, which were more challenging than expected. Going into a study abroad program, it’s common for people to think that classes will be easy and you can pretty much blow them off. For Temple’s program, that is not the case as the professors make you work for your grade. The major benefit of taking these classes is that you get to learn more about the place you are studying in. I took three classes about Rome, which covered a variety of interesting topics such as fascism, ancient Roman history and global communications.

Between learning more about Italy, exploring Rome and traveling throughout Europe I experienced so much in a matter of four short months. While my time there was amazing, I’m glad to be home and back on campus to continue my college experience. These last four months of my junior year will be nowhere near as exciting as the first four but I will make the most of it as I plan to get back to all of the things I love most about living in Philadelphia. If you ever have any questions about studying abroad or want to talk about my experience, please feel free to reach out, I’d love to share!

This blog post was written by Account Associate Chelsea Seidel. 

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