5 Tips for Successful Content Marketing

Content is everywhere: on our phones, on advertisements, even in our heads. We are constantly consuming content, whether we like it or not, which is a great thing for marketers. Content marketing is becoming more and more popular among PR and marketing professionals, as audiences are growing tired of traditional tactics used to target them. It’s a way for brands to get in the spotlight without doing something newsworthy and builds a deeper relationship between the brand and the consumer. With that in mind, not all content is created equal. Each brand needs to produce content that is dynamic, compelling and valuable. To do this, there are five things content marketers should keep in mind.

1) Get in your audience’s heads

Who are you targeting? Why should they care? These questions are critical in tailoring content to each of your target audience’s personalities. The better you know your audience, the better you’ll be able to grab their attention.

2) Know the industry

Keeping up with industry trends and news is really important in delivering content that matters. How can you produce content that interests consumers if you are unaware of what’s going on in the industry? Doing your research will keep you up to date and might even give you some new ideas on what to write about. Stay curious and keep asking questions.

3) Determine your goals

In any content marketing campaign, you must establish goals. There’s a reason why you’re producing this content. What is your end goal? You can measure these goals with analytics to put a number value on how successful the campaign was. Without clearly established goals, it’s easy for content marketers to get lost in the content creation process and wander off their intended path. Stay on track with an outlined process and reachable goals.

4) Make your content shareable

The greatest thing about content is that it can be shared. With social media, people are constantly re-posting and spreading content all over the place. This gives your content more clicks and your brand the exposure it deserves. Post your content on multiple channels, and make sure it’s seen by as many eyes as possible.

5) Quality over quantity

Content overload is not always a good thing. The more content you produce, the more likely your audience will get lost. Don’t feel like you need to keep producing content constantly in order to keep audiences interested. Focus on the good ideas you have and turn them into strong pieces that can be shared. Be known for producing valuable content, not too much content.

This blog post was written by Director of Public Relations Alexa Vecchione.

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