Five New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

With New Year’s Eve coming up in just a few short weeks, everyone is reminiscing on the past year and planning for 2018. This is a time where most people tell themselves that the new year will be full of change, and set New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, when work and school pick up and the cold weather leaves you unmotivated, it makes it hard for these habits to stick. Here are five simple New Year’s resolutions that you can actually keep up with:

1. Pick up a new hobby
 Think about something you’ve always wanted to do, and master it! Whether it’s blogging, photography, music or cooking, try to put your free time into something that you’ve been putting off for a while. This is such a satisfying way to spend your new year, and you’ll have something to show for it when 2018 comes to an end.

2. Put down your phone
This is something we all should be doing. We waste so many hours aimlessly scrolling through social media when we should be experiencing the world around us. Start by spending an hour each day with your phone off, and see how productive you can be when you aren’t checking Instagram every five minutes.

3. Travel somewhere new
Considering you have an entire year, this is definitely something you’ll be able to accomplish in 2018. School, work, internships and extracurriculars often get in the way of traveling, but by planning ahead and setting your mind to it, you can go anywhere. Get a few friends together, pick an exciting place and go! Even if it’s just a short drive away for a weekend or day trip, you won’t regret experiencing a different environment.

4. Drink more water
When it’s time for New Year’s resolutions, many people choose to set goals for their health, but hold themselves up to difficult standards. Holding yourself accountable for losing a certain amount of weight or limiting yourself to a few cheat meals can lead to stress about numbers and deadlines. Instead of abruptly making a drastic lifestyle change, try to incorporate a simple healthy habit into your daily routine, like drinking more water! This is a simple way to improve your health without being too hard on yourself.

5. Make new friends
This is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your year. Try reaching out to people in your classes, at work, or in clubs on campus. Open your mind to different people and see who you get along with! It is never too late to establish new friendships and network around your area. You never know who you’ll be with come next New Year’s Eve.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s a new year, so enjoy yourself! Small changes can have a huge impact. New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be disciplinary– they can be fun and rewarding. Your main goal should be to better yourself each and every day. Make 2018 a year full of new experiences that you’ll look back on positively when next New Year’s sneaks up!

This blog post was written by Account Associate Jaclyn MacKrell.

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