How to Survive College While Working 40 Hours a Week

College can be extremely rough. The long and tedious lectures, the exhausting amount of
homework, and the reality that you are now off on your own while being broke. Now imagine
handling all of this while working 40 hours a week. It’s a pretty difficult situation to handle, but
as a wise man once said, “anything is possible.” Here is how to survive college while working 40
hours a week.

Get​ ​A​ ​Planner
With so much on your plate, it is nearly impossible to survive working 40 hours a week without a planner. Trust me, you will forget half of the things that have to get done. You can simply use the calendar app on your cell phone to write down when certain assignments are due, and what your work schedule is. A planner will also help you with time management, allowing you to see how long you have to study, when you have the time to get your work done, and when you have time to sleep. In reality, a planner can be used as your personal secretary or assistant. It is there to help you stay organized and focused. Also, use the reminders app in your cell phone, or write down a reminders list in order to remind yourself of what has to get done during a certain period of time.

Do​n’t ​Procrastinate
Though we all like to procrastinate, DO NOT procrastinate while working 40 hours a week. You
need all the time you can get. Procrastination prohibits you from having the time to work on
assignments efficiently and diligently. The goal is to give yourself as much time as you can to do
your work. When procrastinating, you are forced to do work under a slim period of time, which
leads you to doing things such as pulling all nighters in order to produce work that is full of
mediocrity and inefficiency. We still want to produce the best work we can, which is why we
want to give ourselves as much time as possible to get our work done. Besides, getting your work done early gives you more free time, which means more time to catch up on season 2 of
Stranger Things.

Get​ ​Some​ ​Rest
It may be hard, but you have to find the time to sleep. It’s very likely that you’ll go insane if you don’t get at least eight hours of sleep a night while working this much. You also don’t
want to have to deal with so much stress without sleep. If you want to work diligently, you want to do so well rested in order to have the energy to take on any task that is asked of you. Besides, EVERYONE needs their beauty rest. Some more than others.

Find​ ​The​ ​Time​ ​To​ ​Keep​ ​Up​ ​With​ ​Friends​ ​and​ ​Family
Always make sure you’re calling your family at least once a week. You always want to maintain
contact with your family just to let them know that everything is going fine, and also as a resource. Be there when they need you, so they can be there when you need them. Also, keep in touch with your friends. Go out for lunch with your friends every now and then, or even create a study group to help each other stay focused. That way, you are able to hang out with your friends while being productive at the same time. Though you want to work hard, you don’t want to be lonely either. So make sure that you stay in touch with your love ones.

This blog post was written by Account Associate Reginald Ruff.

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