How to Make the Most of the “Best Years of Your Life”

People often say the years you spend in college are the best years of your life, so you shouldn’t let them go to waste. While that may be true, what if students today are not spending enough time actually enjoying themselves?

Between tireless nights of tackling piles of homework and early mornings waking up for class, it can be exhausting to be a college student. As a junior at Temple University with an above average GPA and extracurriculars that add a lot to my plate, I put a lot of time and effort into my college career. Being a student in an accelerated master’s program at my school has overwhelmed me with higher level course readings and work as well. I enjoy learning, and because school is historically known for teaching I attempt to attend each class with vigor and excitement, even after the hours seem to drag on. During the week I have little time to eat sleep, go the gym or even talk to my friends, as I move from class to meetings, and finally to the library to finish my work. So, are these really the best years of my life?

College is supposed to be a safe haven to learn, explore, find and reinvent oneself; so let’s take this time back! Here are a few tips that I use to not let school “take over my life.”

Use Your Time Wisely

Time management is the most important aspect of keeping centered in the midst of such a busy schedule. I find it easier to spend my mornings in the library getting the majority of my most difficult work or readings out of the way so I can spend my afternoons doing slightly less difficult work or having study sessions with my friends. This way, if you get a little distracted, you have already finished the bulk of it. Getting the majority of your work out of the way early also frees up your day to attend any meetings, schedule some time for the gym or get to work early. If you work better at night, try to get the greater part of your day done (work, gym, meetings) in the morning and schedule some time to concentrate on school work at night.

Understand that it is okay to be frustrated

Stress and frustration is all a part of the job. School gets harder as the years progress, and as students, it is important to realize that things are going to be okay eventually. Everyone gets a bad test grade once and awhile. Do your best and try not to focus on the past or on things you cannot change. Put your energy into things you can control.

Make time for Yourself

It is critical to remember that while school and other commitments are important, your mental health and wellbeing are a priority. Take the time to pamper and treat yourself, whether that means putting away the books and taking a nap, or taking an hour out of your day to go to the gym. You must make sure that you are strong enough to take on the next day and the rest of the semester. Make sure that you eat every day. Take care of your skin. Put yourself first.

This blog post was written by Account Associate Jasmin Senior.

1 thought on “How to Make the Most of the “Best Years of Your Life”

  1. Love this post! Awesome advice 🙂

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