How to be like the Influencers of the Influencers

In today’s world, being an influential person has great benefits when it comes to brand marketing and advertising. Companies look for the most influential of all people to promote their brand in order to make an impact. These influential people are followed by thousands of millions of people, but who influences these people? A new research study done by Ipsos shows us that there is a sub-group within the influential people known as “Affluencers.”

Affluencers are a group of influential people that, along with a massive social following, have the capital to back everything up. This subgroup, according to the new Fall 2017 Ipsos  Affluent Survey, is the driving influence for shopping and buying behaviors of people. So why is it important to target this group? This target has the potential to not only represent a disproportionate amount of purchases, but also represent a group that is sought after for their advice and purchasing input across all categories. The survey defines this group as adults living in households with at least $125,000 in annual household income, a group that reflects the top 16 percent of American households.

Distinct differences between affluencers and influencers

1. Affluencers spend more.

This group spends 40% more on across all categories than others.

2. Affluencers are early adopters.

They are given the newest technologies and products first to try and test, even though the product could be costly or comes with a risk.

3. Affluencers have a high future intent.

Their future earnings are set up well in advance and they have diverse portfolios.

4. Affluencers influence their networks to buy.

They influence others to buy the same products you use.

So who are affluent people? (according to Forbes)

  • Parenting World
    • What’s Up Moms: Med Resnikoff and Elle Walker
  • Fashion
    • Chiara Ferragni
  • Travel
    • Brian Kelly
  • Entertainment
    • Lilly Singh
  • Fitness
    • Kayla Itsines
  • Beauty
    • Zoe “Zoella” Sugg

It is very interesting to think the mainstream celebrities are not on this list. Celebrities are usually  influenced by affluencers. When a brand wants to promote its products, the people they start with are not always A-List celebrities. Usually it is the affluent people that influence the influencers.

This blog post was written by Account Executive Evan Goldwasser.

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  1. Very interesting information. Thanks for enlightening us to this subgrou​​p.

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