How to Put PRowl on Your Resume

Elle-Resume.gif‘Tis the season for resume writing! As you look for Spring internships or full-time jobs, you may wonder how to market your PRowl experience on your resume. Use the examples below to see how I’ve highlighted my work with firm.

When applying to jobs, it’s always important to emphasize your accomplishments both in your resume and cover letter. During your interview, remember to elaborate on specific projects you’ve worked on. In addition, make sure to follow up after each interview with a thank you email.

If you want more advice on how to perfect your resume and cover letter, don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone in a PRowl leadership role. 


  • Always list your current position
  • State your start of employment
  • Proofread for spelling
  • Indicate the city (Philadelphia, Pa)
  • Use numbers to emphasize your role
  • List 3-5 bullet points
  • Use action verbs only
  • Only used past tense verbs if you are no longer working in the position
  • Emphasis that PRowl is one of 25 nationally affiliated firms in the country (Hint: good to include this in your cover letter)


Account Associate at PRowl Public Relations- Philadelphia, Pa                         Fall 2015 

  • Wrote three articles for my client, Department of Strategic Communication, on events and faculty and student accomplishments
  • Composed two weekly social media posts for the department’s Facebook and Twitter
  • Compiled media lists and composed email pitches

Junior Account Executive at PRowl Public Relations- Philadelphia, Pa      Spring 2016 

  • Co-led account of six associates along side Account Executive for my client, Department of Strategic Communication
  • Conducted weekly account meetings, including professional development workshops
  • Composed weekly account agendas to delegate and manage account tasks
  • Edited social media and other client projects

Assistant Firm Director at PRowl Public Relations- Philadelphia, Pa                   2016-17

  • Managed two client accounts: Department of Strategic Communication and Saint Lucifer Spice Co.
  • Delegated, oversaw, and edited 18 associates’ work on all client projects, such as event planning, email promotions, social media, press releases, flyers, pitches, etc.
  • Wrote articles on a bi-weekly basis for firm’s blog about industry news, career development, and more
  • Made decision critical to the firm’s growth through hiring and promotions

Firm Director at PRowl Public Relations- Philadelphia, Pa                          2017-Current

  • Oversee entire firm operations, including six clients, an executive board, and a staff of 50
  • Facilitate hiring and promotions, conduct incoming staff and leadership trainings
  • Secure new and returning clients each semester
  • Run weekly meetings, including professional development workshops and secure guest speakers
  • Manage accounts on client projects to ensure work is held to a high and credible standard
  • Edit and approve all content created by account members, such as strategic plans, press releases, media pitches, contracts, etc.


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