How to Handle the Stress of College as Told by The Office

College is known for being the best four years of your life. People tend to overlook that it
can also be the most stressful four years of your life. Balancing a social life, a job, endless
amounts homework, an internship, clubs and self-love is A LOT. OF. WORK. Luckily, with help
from the crew at Dunder Mifflin, there are ways to beat the stress, and enjoy the best four years
of our lives.

Remember to treat yourself every once in awhile. When you have two tests, an essay and a
presentation all in one week, go out and buy yourself some ice cream. Or even better, stock up
on ice cream so you have it at your disposal when you’re craving Chunky Monkey at 1 am and
don’t feel like going to the grocery store. Ice cream, or any dessert, makes studying ~bearable~.

Friends can make any situation better. They offer the best advice when you’re unsure of what to
do, they know your pain when you have bags underneath your eyes from your lack of sleep, and they are always there if you need a shoulder to cry on when you did not get the internship you really wanted. After all, college is where you meet the people that will be in your wedding one day.

When in doubt, make a countdown. Seeing the number of days left until a well deserved break
is THE best type of motivation. Think about the mornings where you don’t have to wake up to
the sound of an alarm clock, sleeping in YOUR OWN BED and most importantly, all the home
cooked meals you will be devouring as soon as you step foot into your childhood home.

Make the most of every day and live in the moment because as cliche as it may sound, college goes by in a blink of the eye. Will it be acceptable to wear sweatpants to work? Probably not. Can you take three hour naps in the real world? Highly unlikely. Will you have sleepovers with your best friends every day of the week? Not a chance. So enjoy every small thing college has to offer, instead of focusing all of your energy on the stressful things. After all, people also tend to overlook that college is the fastest four years of a person’s life…

This blog post was written by Account Associate Shannon McQuaid.

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