3 Tips to Surviving College

College can be the most exciting, yet most stressful time of your life. Between making friends, getting involved and keeping up good grades it can be a lot to handle all at once. Follow these three tips and you’ll ensure a memorable college career:

1. Be willing to try anything

College is almost like a do-over for everyone. It is a fresh start to your future and the chance to really find out more about yourself. I was nervous when I came to college because I thought I would never find my niche. What I realized during my freshman year is that the key to figuring yourself out is to try everything. Colleges have “Welcome Week” or campus related fairs for a reason. These events show off all the diverse clubs and activities that are on campus. If something interests you, go to a meeting and find out more information. It doesn’t hurt to try something you might like!

2. Stay organized

College can be one of the most stressful times of your life if you do not stay organized. Time management is EVERYTHING in college. You have to balance school work, a social life, a job and trying to figure out how to adjust to living on your own all at the same time. My biggest tip to any college student is to buy a planner. I put every single assignment and event in my planner to keep me organized and up to date with what’s going on in my life.  It’s no secret that we all forget things, but with a planner you can stay on top of everything.

3. Find your group

Making friends in college was one of the scariest things for me. I had such a close group of friends in high school that I thought it would be impossible to find new ones. I soon realized everyone was in the same boat as me and had to make new friends as well. Finding a group of friends is important in school, because when work piles up and life becomes too stressful it is your friends who are there to make it better. Friends will help take your mind off all the pressure in your life and help you have fun. These friends will have an impact on the rest of your life and will be with you through some of your best memories.

This blog post was written by Account Associate Cassie Wozniak.

1 thought on “3 Tips to Surviving College

  1. Well said! Especially like the suggestion of using a tool like the planner. I have used the calender feature many programs offer today. I log just about everything. Class times, formal meetings, group meetings, free time, etc.

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