Thankfully, Your Internship Is Worth More Than Your GPA

Students everywhere are faced with intense pressure when it comes to finding a job after graduation. It’s even scarier when you don’t have the GPA to match. While having an average GPA is sufficient, a lot of students can’t help but worry when they don’t see that 4.0 come across their transcripts.

This raises the question: how much does your GPA matter?

According to the Chronicles of Higher Education, experience weighs more than grades, with GPA finishing at the bottom of the list. The Chronicles specifically points to media and communication fields, talking about how important it is to gain the experience before you graduate.

Derek Thompson states in his article that, “Media and communications companies are gaga for internships and uniquely indifferent toward your classes. Health care companies care the most about your major, and white-collar businesses care the most about your GPA.”

Submitting a blank resume with no relevant experience but a perfect GPA is not worth as much as one may think. Coming out of college with a resume that shows off your college experience better than your Instagram is now something to brag about.

Having internship experience gives you the ability to prove what you have learned and can learn outside of the classroom. It’s easy to understand that we can never learn everything we need to know from a textbook, so interning proves your ability to function in a real work environment while applying what you’ve learned in the classroom.  

Experience is what sets you apart from your competition. Your GPA does not have the ability to measure your work ethic. Challenging yourself outside of the classroom prepares you for the real world and stands out to future employers.

One of the most annoying things a college student has to hear is that their degree is “just a piece of paper.” Unfortunately, that is becoming the case. Thankfully, you can add to the value of your degree by having internship experience listed on your resume. Bragging about how willing you are to learn is one thing, but coming in with the experience to prove it will land you the job.

Thankfully, it’s never too late to start gaining experience before you graduate. There are plenty of media and communication internships just waiting for students to jump in the game. As long as you research and keep an eye out, you’ll find something worth your while. So, what are you waiting for?

This blog post was written by Account Associate Jamie Walsh.

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