Samantha Jones Public Relations is Hiring!

Okay so, Samantha Jones Public Relations is not actually hiring but you did open the page! When thinking of public relations, who is the fiercest publicist around? That would be Samantha Jones from “Sex and the City.” She hangs with celebrities, plans extravagant parties, travels to the hottest destinations, grabs lunch with her besties and then brings them to the hottest parties at night. Who wouldn’t want to work in public relations?! Unfortunately, the industry does not normally work like that and there is so much more to PR than what Samantha Jones portrays.

Public relations is not all about planning parties, it is about helping clients with their communication objectives. Party planning is just a tactic that many PR professionals use to share their ideas and messages for their client. When it comes to party planning in PR, there is a lot of work that goes into it. Promotion, publicity, research and planning all play a role in making the event a success for your client.

Samantha Jones’ character fails to show the less sexy side of public relations. Writing press releases, pitching to reporters and bloggers, and resolving conflicts when your client is in crisis. These are all of the tasks that PR professionals love to hate. PR professionals spend their days in the office constantly writing and reading to stay up to date with news worthy content.

Although most of her portrayal of a PR professional is false, one thing that she represents about women in the industry is that they are diligent, resilient, innovative and persuasive. Samantha Jones could come up with comebacks and clever lines effortlessly. If you can take anything away from Samantha Jones’ public relations style, it’s that she always remains fabulous.

This blog post was written by Account Associate Jennifer Lynch.

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  1. The last paragraph speaks volume. G

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