Mid-Semester Checklist

This week brings us to the official halfway point of the fall 2017 semester! Here are a few tips to help you succeed in the second half of the semester: 

Internship Hunt

Start to keep an eye out for spring internships. You might think this is crazy, but a majority of companies have already started posting for spring positions. Make the most of your time by slowly going through your dream positions so you can breathe over fall and winter break in the next two months.


Student Organization Responsibilities

It can be hard to balance a job and a student organization (or more than one) on top of a full course load. At this time in the semester you might find yourself slacking on your student org. Now that midterms are (hopefully) finished, take a few minutes to evaluate all you need to do and when. Once you know what you have to do, be sure to add these to your planner just like your classes. This will help you to stay on track both academically and for your organization(s).


Course Selection for Spring 2018

Priority registration begins as early as November 2, 2017 for some students. Be sure to check in with your advisor about the classes you should take and when your registration date is. Take a look at what your choices are and make an ideal schedule, a plan b and maybe even plan c! Starting to look at course selections now can help lighten your workload down the road.

This blog post was written by Assistant Firm Director Joei DeCarlo.

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