The Black Hole of Online Applications

giphy-downsized-20You endlessly search online for your dream job, you find the position, and then you get ready to apply. Just as you perfect your resume and prepare a cover letter, you’re brought to a link of an outside service asking you to fill out a virtual application. You’re likely scrambling to find a password that meets all of their criteria, as you eagerly set up an account to submit your application.

You upload that flawless resume and cover letter… when they ask you to manually input all of your work history, references, and education. You’re likely frustrated. You meticulously retype all of the information on your resume into the portal. After you’re finally done and click submit, then what?

You have no email address to follow-up. You just have to wait as your resume sits in a virtual portal waiting to be reviewed. However, what can you do while you wait?

  1. Follow them on social media. See what they’re talking about on their platforms. If you have a professional account, follow people who identify with the company. Engage with the company by liking, sharing, and mentioning them.
  2. Stalk LinkedIn. Search the company’s name to find professionals in the human resources department. Connect with them, and follow-up with a personalized and professional note.
  3. Don’t wait for an interview, ask for one. After all of your LinkedIn stalking, connect with other professionals in the company who have your “dream job”. Reach out asking for an informational interview. Likely, they’ll want to help a student who shows drive and ambition. Also, they can put in a good word for your application.

This blog post was written by Firm Director, Clarissa Ford. 

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