Midterms Week As Told by Corinne Olympios

Ahh midterms week…it’s a love hate relationship. From writing assignments to tests and all the extracurriculars and internships in between, midterms week is usually the most stressful week of October…a time when all we want to do is enjoy pumpkin spice everything, get ready for some much needed sweater weather and Halloween.

Unfortunately, myself, along with many other college students across the country are all experiencing this wonderful week one way or another and despite the amount of work I personally have due, I still find myself procrastinating all of it and watching compilation videos of ‘The Bachelor’ franchise’s reigning nap queen, Corinne Olympios.

It was only then that I realized her endless amount of eye rolls and witty one liners really captured the craziness that we all know to be midterms week. That being said, I give you the phases of midterms week as explained Corinne herself.

  1. Two Weeks Before Midterms Start

You know midterms are right around the corner, but seeing as you haven’t had an issue with keeping up with assignments, you’re feeling pretty confident in yourself. You decide to check your planner to see what big school assignments you have to tackle and that’s when you realize that in a one week span, your professors have piled on four midterms, two huge projects, a blog post and two writing assignments.


2. Week Before Midterms

You told yourself you would be a good student and start those assignments in advance, however, it is now a week before midterms start and you just can’t seem to find the motivation to do them. Somehow, you still manage to convince yourself that this weekend, you will finally get started on everything despite the fact that it’s homecoming.


3. Night Before the Monday of Midterms Week

…needless to say, it is now 10:00 p.m. Sunday night before midterms week and the realization has kicked in about how much work you have due in such a short amount of time. The first mental breakdown of the week is in full effect as you slowly start to accept your fate that this week is going to be far from easy.


4. Monday

24 hours in and  all your healthy eating habits and meal prepping has officially gone out the window, leaving you to spend money on every single meal for the day. This might just be because you have no time to cook or grocery shopping, it might also be that you’ve spent the whole day justifying why you deserve to eat what you want for the upcoming week, the world may never know.


5. Tuesday

You’ve been so busy and zoned in on your school work that you have completely forgotten about personal hygiene. It’s been about three days since you last took a shower, your hair has officially turned into a grease ball and no amount of deodorant or perfume can cover up the situation at hand, but surprisingly, you have fully embraced and accepted it.



6. Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week and you decided to treat yourself to what you believe to be a well-deserved nap…except that short nap turned into a 4-5 hours nap and now you have to stay up all night to one, finish a study guide and then two, review the study guide for that midterm you have in your 9:30 a.m. class tomorrow morning.


7. Thursday

At this point, you’ve convinced yourself that all your hard work has gone down the drain and that this week has gone horribly wrong. While you initially thought you had it all under control, you end up having mental breakdown 2.0 and realize that the only thing that could make this whole week go away is if you went home and never came back.


8. Friday

After all the stress and chaos of the week, it has finally come to an end and the only plan you have for the night is to get in your bed and not leave it for the next 12 hours at least.


9. Two Weeks Later…

All your grades have been put in and well…need I say more?



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