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Relentless Investor Kevin O’leary (also known as Mr. Wonderful) spoke to Temple students on Wednesday, Oct. 11. O’leary is most commonly known from his regular appearances on the hit show Sharktank on ABC. While the Temple Performing Arts Center was filled with mostly Fox School of Business students, there were a few savvy Klein School of Media and Communication students in attendance.

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O’leary discussed many business-related subjects, but his tips for effective management heavily related to what public relations practitioners should do when pitching to their audience, a journalist or themselves. In the shark tank, O’leary said successful pitches contain:

  1. Entrepreneurs who can articulate the opportunity in 90 seconds or less (usually less).
  2. Successfully convincing investors the entrepreneur is the right person to execute the business plan.
  3. Entrepreneurs who know their numbers and have a comprehensive understanding of their business models.

These three tips tremendously apply to the public relations field as well. As public relations practitioners, we must be clean and concise in our writing, convince our clients we can advocate for them and recite information about who we conduct public relations for.

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This blog post was written by Assistant Firm Director, Marissa Reale

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