Tackling the Digital Marketing World: An Alumni Spotlight on Samantha Gower

Samantha Gower is a proud PRowl alumna with a story that motivates students to work towards a lifestyle that feeds our souls rather than our wallets. To understand Sam’s love of PRowl and how it benefited her career path, here’s the story that inspired PRowl to reconnect with her.

When Sam worked as PRowl’s Firm Director in 2013, she received the go-to gift for any PR major, a coffee mug. The mug was decorated with the “Temple Made” campaign logo that Prowl worked on. Sam used the mug religiously over the following six years while in school and after graduation. Sadly, Sam dropped the mug and broke it.

After complaining about her broken mug, she was surprised with a new PRowl mug at work. She assumed her fellow coworkers and PRowl alumni gave her the new mug. However, she discovered her husband contacted PRowl and had a replacement mug made for her. Sam contacted PRowl’s current firm director, Clarissa Ford to thank her. From there, PRowl reconnected with Sam to learn about all she is doing now.

Gower is a Senior Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Associate at Seer Interactive in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. Seer is a digital marketing agency that believes building personal relationships is the key to success. Seer’s clients are in different industries, such as technology, fashion and healthcare.

Before securing a position at Seer Interactive almost four years ago, Sam was hired at a startup after graduation. The startup failed and she was laid off at 22 years old. This left her to question her future as a professional. In true Owl fashion, she picked herself up and deemed the layoff a learning experience and reached out to a Seer representative via LinkedIn.

“I went out on a limb and told them I believed I would be a great asset to their company, and they told me to come in for an interview,” Sam explained.

The rest is history. Sam achieved her goal and earned a position at her dream job. Sam is a huge believer in allowing passion to direct your professional lifestyle. Without it, she believes you can’t be satisfied in your career.

“I wake up every morning excited to go to work and to interact with my coworkers and clients,” she explained.

Gower’s average workday at Seer always changes. She credits PRowl for introducing her to the fast-paced and dynamic lifestyle in an agency because she learned how to adapt. Seer is a company built off trust and mutual understanding. Individuals must do their part to achieve success at the company.

“Being able to adapt in different situations while still producing quality work without hesitation is something that Seer looks for in potential interns and new hires. It makes you very marketable as a professional. My advice to current PRowl members is to take advantage of the agency experience you are getting and really figure out what you love about it, because that is how I found my passion.” Sam expressed.

Thank you, Sam, for sharing your story and professional advice. PRowl is proud to have you as an alumna and a mentor.

This alumni spotlight was written by Account Associate Alexandria DeRenzo.

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