Failure? An Opportunity in the Making

Everyone fails.

Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first television job.

J.K Rowling, at age 25, was on welfare, jobless, and broke. She was denied publishing for Harry Potter from twelve major publishers.

Bill Gates failed at his first business.

Walt Disney was fired by the editor at his job at the Kansas City Star paper. He also went bankrupt with his first animation studio.

But, now look at where all these people are.

They are successful, rich, famous, and have great stories to tell.

Even if you do not get your dream job, and came so close to it, do not give up. If anything, try again and try even harder. Learn from your mistakes. Go out and interview for jobs or internships that seem like a long shot. Who knows, you may be given an opportunity.

These opportunities are scarce, so take them with full dedication and responsibility. If you do something wrong, learn from it. If you want to do more, simply ask. Do not sit around waiting for opportunities. Get out, network, talk to people and ask questions!

It is so important to ask questions. It shows you care and are interested. You will also learn something new. Utilize professionals and your resources.

And remember, failure is a learning experience…

This blog post was written by Account Executive Caroline Bardo.

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