I’m a Junior with No Internship Experience… and That’s Okay!

Junior year is often the crunch time for getting internships and starting to figure out which PR career path to choose for the future. This time is filled with a lot of anxiety and feelings of doubt about what the future has in store. Friends and peers are racking up the internships, while I sit back and watch them gain valuable experience. Clearly, there is something wrong and I need to jump on the first internship opportunity I see, right? Wrong!

While I watch my peers and friends landing internships, I remind myself I am only a first semester junior. I have time to apply for an internship to gain more experience. Also, I take a moment to realize the two great organizations I hold leadership roles in, PRSSA and PRowl Public Relations. Sometimes it is easy to forget the great skills and experiences I gain from being active in both organizations.

The anxiety is present all the time to find the best internship. With that being said, what I have learned from watching and listening to my peers is that great internships do not just appear out of nowhere! An internship at a big corporate PR firm could be the worst time of my life, while a small lifestyle agency could provide me with long-lasting skills and experience.

I know this is a hard time and transition period for any junior in college, but throwing myself a bone and realizing I have great opportunities without an internship allowed me to shed my anxiety. I will keep working hard and stay an active member in both PRSSA and PRowl! I know when I am ready I will find a good internship, but until then I will relish my time as an Account Executive at PRowl Public Relations.

This blog post was written by Account Executive Jeremy Rives.

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