Becoming a Leader in the Public Relations Field

We can all agree that leadership is an essential component to any organization or workplace. Whether it be in a structured setting with a hierarchy of bosses and managers, to simply being the unofficial person people trust to make sure everything gets done. It brings in multiple factors that help to keep a structure running, which is why becoming a leader in the public relations industry is an ideal goal to work towards for both the group and yourself. Keep in mind a few things when working towards your own leadership roles.

There are different kinds of leaders.

Of course leaders can absolutely be your boss at an internship who holds a position of authority, but there are also other kinds of leaders out there that maybe aren’t as recognizable. Think about who you interact with in your day-to-day activities. Who do you always go to when you have questions? Who do you constantly look to when things go wrong? This person can be your mentor and have the inspiring qualities to be a leader to you and to others. Find them and learn from them!

It keeps you and everyone around you motivated.

Who actually wants to get up for work everyday at the crack of dawn? No one, but working hard means having your efforts pay off. If you stay busy and do as much as you possibly can, that won’t go unnoticed. People around you will see it and either become motivated themselves to work hard or praise you for your accomplishments. This becomes a round of inspiration to keep everyone motivated and interested in their work, thus showing leadership skills in this setting.

Start small and make your presence known.

No one steps into leadership roles overnight. Start to work on your leadership skills by taking small steps. This could be as simple as stepping up to be the facilitator in your group project in class or just speaking up more in lecture. Be sure to talk to people and introduce yourself any chance you get, especially to any professionals you may be around. The more you make yourself known, the more people will look to you. When people start to see you more, they begin to associate you with what’s going on around them. Always being engaged and involved is a great way to show them that you’re a spearhead in that situation.

Think about what you have to offer.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to build upon them and use them to your advantage. If you know you’d be great at something, speak up! Be aware of your weaknesses and always do your best to learn from them. When you share your skills with others, odds are people will look to you in their time of doubt, and view you as a leader in their life!

This blog post was written by Account Executive Emily McKain.

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