How To Survive Your Senior Year of College

If you’re graduating college this year (and you’re anything like me) then you’re probably feeling scared, nervous, and excited all at once. Personally, I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t a student. I have been a student for the past sixteen years of my lifeThe future is blurry. Imagining a life without being in school is difficult, and terrifying.

A part of me can’t wait to graduate and start applying to jobs, expereiencing new places, and meeting new people. Another part of me is overcome by sadness/fear at the mere thought of moving away from all my friends on campus and starting a new chapter of my life.

In the midst of a very overwhelming time in our lives… here are 5 tips on how to survive your last year of college:

1) Make To-Do Lists

to do

As senioritis begins to kick in, it is easy to lose your organizational skills and productivity. I highly encourage making to-do lists as a way to keep your thoughts and tasks organized. Seniors have a lot on their plates. There is just no way to remember all of our to-dos without keeping track. At night before bed, try making a list on a piece of paper or on your phone of all the things you want to accomplish the next day. You will be able to sleep soundly knowing that all your thoughts are recorded and you don’t have to worry about them until tomorrow.

2) Write


An english teacher I had in High School always said that his biggest regret in life was not writing. In the future, you’re going to want to remember your time as a college student. Try keeping a journal or starting a blog where you can write about all your favorite college experiences that you don’t want to forget about. This is a great way to reflect on your senior year after graduating without feeling like the year passed you by.

3) Create a senior year bucketlist


It’s never too late to get involved with that club on campus you never thought you had the time for, or to apply to the dream internship you’ve wanted since freshman year. You have an entire year left to take risks, attend networking events, and form connections before you fly out. Try creating a bucketlist of all the things you want to accomplish before your time in college is over. This will ensure that you have made the most of your last year in school.

4) Make time for a social life


One of the things you’ll probably miss most about school is the social aspect of it. This is probably the last year that you will be on a campus surrounded by thousands of your peers each and every day. Take advantage of sports events, pep rallies, on-campus happenings, and opportunities to socialize with your friends. It is possible to do well in school while having a social life, as long as you manage your time responsibly.


5) Get ready to spread your wings and fly


It is important to remember that you have time to figure out what your post-grad plan exactly is, but it can’t hurt (no pun intended) to keep brainstorming throughout the year. Try creating a list of what your ideas are so far. Set goals and start working towards them. Begin reseaerching jobs you may be interested in applying to spring semester or start saving money for a post-grad vacation. Whatever your plans may be keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be a stressful or tedious task, it should be exciting! The opportunities you have post-grad are endless.

This blog post was written Assistant Firm Director, Marlie Derstine. 

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