Hey there, Meet PRowl’s Firm Director

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Clarissa Ford, and I’ll be PRowl’s Firm Director this year. I’m eager to take on this role and work with so many of our new and returning PRowlers!

I’ve worked for the firm for three years now (WOW, that sounds like a long time!). At the beginning of my sophomore year, I began as an Account Associate, but was promoted to Junior Account Executive for the spring semester. My junior year I served as the Assistant Firm Director. Being apart of PRowl has truly helped shape me both personally and professionally. Not only have I gained valuable experience, but I’ve also created lasting relationships and memories. Within my leadership roles here, the most rewarding aspect is not only seeing my work mature, but helping others improve and succeed in their careers as well.

During my junior year, I held a position on the executive board for Temple’s PRSSA chapter as their Director of Mentorship. It was very meaningful running a program that was so beneficial to me as an underclassman, and I loved being able to continue its success.

Currently, I’m interning at IMG in New York City. It’s a great experience because I have the opportunity to learn so many valuable skills and meet professionals from all sectors of the company. Previously, I’ve held internships at an agency and a production company.

Temple offers me the opportunity to combine my two passions into one area of study. I’m a Strategic Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Sports Management. I love being apart of the welcoming Philadelphia community and am an active member of the Philadelphia Public Relations Association.

Professionally, my goal is to have a career in sports PR somewhere in NYC. Personally, my goal is to be an iced coffee drinking, dog walking gal with a career that I love.

Now The More “Interesting” Stuff…

Growing up in West Orange, New Jersey, I’m a Jersey girl to the core. I love Bruce Springsteen, going down the shore, getting my nails done, and eating cannolis with my loud family.

This summer I vacationed in Italy with my dad where we went to Venice, Florence, and Rome. While I know it’s an unpopular opinion, I didn’t enjoy Rome because it felt like one big tourist trap. However, the highlight of my trip was easily the food and wine. I love taking photos while I travel and run an Instagram account completely dedicated to my foodie adventures (@cravings.and.cocktails).

Despite only living 30 minutes from NYC, my daily commute can sometimes take hours. When I have more downtime in August, I hope to find myself relaxing a lot on a beach (preferably Cape May), catching up on some reading, and posting some new content on my sports blog (She Knows The Rules).

I cannot express how excited I am to work with everyone this year! I’m really looking forward to hosting workshops and inviting guest speakers to our meetings, in addition to celebrating PRowl’s 10th birthday! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or any other executive board member if you have questions/comments/concerns about our upcoming semester.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter… seriously do it!

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