Maintaining Face in the Digital World

In today’s digital age, social media has become more and more apparent in the professional world—with many employers searching for you on various social media platforms.  Currently, 65% of employers are looking at your social media profile before they make the decision to hire you, so it is important to keep your profile up to date and professional. So, if you are beginning to realize your social media profile is not up to professional standards, or could use some cleaning up, read along and follow these tips!

Don’t post anything inappropriate!

Although obvious, it still stands true! I am not saying to not post about going out with your friends or that cute selfie you just took, but do not post anything you would not want your grandmother to see. Even if your grandmother does not have social media, your future employer does!

Join LinkedIn!

Otherwise known as the professional Facebook, LinkedIn is a great social media platform to join. Many recruiters are often sifting through LinkedIn to find that perfect future employee, which could be you! It’s a great way to show off all your skills and qualifications without sounding like you are constantly boasting about it.

Make your profile pictures appropriate!

Excluding LinkedIn (where you should DEFINITELY use a headshot), your Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media outlet you may use should showcase an appropriate image of yourself. Do not stray away from using that picture you took by yourself in your favorite sweater. As long as you are yourself and you look appropriately dressed, you’ll be fine. But hey, if your headshot is your favorite photo, use it!

Don’t use social media too often…

You’ve established this online persona for yourself, so go live up to it! Not only does it allow you to live your life, but not posting on social media often shows that you’re not addicted to posting, so you definitely won’t be on it in the workplace.

Be yourself!

Sounds cliché, I know, it’s true! You want your true personality to shine through your social media. When you get to that interview, you want to be consistent to how you appear online. Your personality is one of the many reasons your potential employer is interested in you!

Social media can be tricky, but following some of these tips will help you update your profile into the professional and current individual you are.

This blog post was written by PRowl Account Executive Leah Hillegas.

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