How To Market Yourself Without an Internship

Struggling to find an internship or job without any prior experience? Don’t fret, there are several ways to market yourself as a capable and passionate future employee.

First and foremost, be proactive. As a college student, I found that the best way to do so is by joining a student organization relatable to your field of interest. Most universities offer a large variety of organizations that are always searching for passionate students. This will give you a little taste of real life experience, and make you stand out amongst your peers. It will also provide you writing samples for your portfolio, or even discussion points in an interview.

Second, NETWORK. You’ll hear it on a regular basis as a college student, as it is important to build relationships with as many professionals as possible. You never know who may offer you a job one day, or who they might know to further your career. At the same time, it’s important not to be too aggressive. Employers can easily spot those who are just trying to find a job. Instead, do your research on that person or their organization. They’ll find that far more flattering, and conversation will flow with ease. Also, if you haven’t created a LinkedIn page for yourself yet, DO IT IMMEDIATELY. LinkedIn is the most beneficial networking tool of the 21st century, making it easier than ever to reach top professionals.

Third, keep up that GPA. As a college student, everyone knows how important grades are. Top grades and a high GPA help highlight your time management skills and ability to dedicate yourself to something. If you’re able to maintain top-tier grades while participating in outside activities, you will really stands out.

Finally, be confident in yourself. Know that if you’re doing everything in your power to become successful, there is no reason for self-doubt. Self-doubt is another weakness that employers can spot rather quickly. Whether it be an interview, networking opportunity, or even in class, be confident in your abilities and you will be destined for success.

This blog post was written by PRowl Account Executive Matthew Duddy.

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