Have a PRoactive Summer!

Ah, sweet, hot summer is right around the corner! It’s time for road trips with friends, family vacations, and simply a little bit of relaxation! Now even though resting, relaxing, and having fun are all important parts of the summer break, there are still some things you can do to stay proactive this summer. Participating in these five activities will assure that you become the best version of yourself and stay on top of your own professional development. Trust me, none of these tasks should take up every second of your sweet summer time.


Since most students have more free time in the summer, the break is the perfect time to look for professional networking events hosted around the area. Many professional organizations host luncheons, guest-speakers and events that the public can attend. Even if you travel back home for the break, it is a good idea to look for networking events there. You never know who people in other cities may know and what new opportunities will be introduced to you.


So, you are bummed out because all your friends have internships for the summer and you don’t. Don’t be. Just because you did not score an internship that starts the day the spring semester ends does not mean you will be internship-less all summer. Many times, internship openings become available mid-summer, due to a need for more interns or scheduling conflicts with those they hired. Be sure to keep your eyes open and stay in touch with places you want to intern for. In the end, if a summer internship doesn’t work out, it is never too early to begin the search for a fall internship.


If mid-summer is approaching and you still did not score an internship, don’t worry! Volunteering is another great option. Volunteering is an important experience for job recruiters to see on a student’s resume. It shows you care for something larger than yourself. There are many non-profits, charities, and events one can volunteer for in the Philadelphia area. By volunteering, you will also continue to gain skills and build your network with local professionals.


Getting a summer job at an ice cream stand or an amusement park is not necessarily the most glamorous way to spend your summer, but it is better to work than to sit at home bored. Imagine all the cash you will earn to buy something you are yearning for! A part-time job will help with that. Most places need extra help throughout the summer, so do not hesitate to apply!

Take a class

Going to school in the summer is probably the last thing you want to hear at this point, but do not put off the chance to take a summer class and knock some credits out of the way. Even if you do not want to take a summer class, see what events your school offers in the summer that interests you. Checking out what your school has to offer throughout the summer is a great way to be more prepared to arrive back in the fall!

These activities are important to participate in at some point throughout your college career. Doing some of them in the summer will just put you ahead of the game while you have more time to dedicate. Most importantly, whatever you do this summer, enjoy it!

This blog post was written by PRowl Account Associate Diana Cielesz.

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