Be Brief, Be Bold, Be Gone


The most valuable lessons I have learned during my time at Temple are three simple things: be bold, be brief, be gone. In today’s business world these three pieces of advice can help better your chances to nail that job or internship that the same 30 other people could potentially be going after.

Be Bold:

It’s easier than ever to make an impression with the people who matter; the hard part is getting the courage to go up to them. There are so many opportunities for you to get out there and meet those people that could be your future employers, like TU Invitational, the career fair, etc. You should always stay engaged while panelists speak, and ask questions when they are finished. It is also encouraged to go up after they are done speaking and introduce yourself; if anything just tell them how much you enjoyed their talk. Putting yourself out there shows effort and initiative that you can use to your advantage in the future.

Be Brief:

Like I previously stated, potential employers meet so many people everyday and it can get exhausting. While I said it is important to be bold, it is also crucial not to stretch your time. Being concise, both in real life and on paper is vital. If you’re meeting someone in person, be mindful that they probably have somewhere else to be or other people to meet. If you’re submitting a resume or cover letter you should be brief as well. Your potential employer has so many items they have to review, so make sure you put the most important content on your resume/cover letter.

Be Gone:

I know this may seem like an obvious part of the equation, but this part can get taken away from people sometimes. It is important to set an end time for things. For example, if you are meeting a professional for lunch, you should have a set time for the lunch to end so there is no awkward, leftover time. This can change the other person’s impression of the lunch from “It was productive” to “It was okay.”

I have personally practiced these three things when meeting with professionals of all kind, and it has worked wonders. It has both increased my confidence and opportunities in my public relations career.

This blog post was written by PRowl Account Associate Lailumah Faisal. 


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